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Limecrete Screeds are a Specialist Screed used in Heritage or Listed Buildings. The standard construction for the floor build up would be a Geotextile membrane, followed by a recycled Foam Glass insulation which has been well compacted. The end user would then have the option to have Underfloor Heating fitted followed by the Limecrete Screed. This system is specifically designed to allow the floor to breathe as it always would have. Thermascreeds Lime based floor Screeds can provide a major benefit to older, traditionally built buildings when used as an alternative to DPM, modern insulation and cement based Screed or Concrete floors. By using Lime as the binder in a floor slab and Screed the floor is allowing permeable to water vapour to pass through which prevents the build-up of moisture and subsequent movement of salt laden water from travelling in to the lower parts of the adjacent walls. Since the 1940’s many refurbishments within older properties up and down the country have had replacement cement floor slabs with DPMs installed, this has moved moisture to the lower parts of the walls creating problems with rising damp to the surface area of the wall plaster. Lightweight Screeds - Lytag® in screed systems reduces weight by around 50% compared to sand cement and anhydrite screeds (1060kg/m3).

Advantages for new structures: Reduced dead loads means less supporting structure is needed.

Advantages for new refurbishments: Allows a robust screed solution where weight is a problem.

Benefits: Less weight allows for greater flexibility in design. 

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