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Anhydrite/Gyvlon or the new Cementitious Liquid/Flowing Screeds like Cemfloor or Belitex can be installed 10-20 times faster than conventional screed. We regularly install in excess of1000m2 per day making these types of Screeds excellent for a busy site or tight time constraints. Normally accessible to foot traffic within 24 hours Liquid Flowing Screeds really are dominating the Screeding industry. There is a minimal need for movement joints, calcium sulphate screed does not harbour bacteria and works incredibly well with Underfloor Heating. Soundness to category A according to BS 8204: Part 1 (BRE Screed Test). A class SR2 surface regularity (5mm in 2m length) when installed. Structural Concrete toppings are something we have been installing for years. At Thermascreed we use a specially designed Concrete which eliminates the need to powerfloat saving night working restrictions. The Concrete does not require the standard reinforcement we are used to, it can incorporate Steel or polypropylene fibres again reducing install time. 

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