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Refurbishment & Thin Section Screeds

Levelling Compounds or Latex Screed can be used in cases where a floor only needs a very thin skim to bring it back to a level, smooth surface ready to receive flooring. The majority of these products allow a very quick turnaround with very little disruption to the working or surrounding areas. Depending on the size of the area in question and the depth required, these products can be pumped in or mixed and laid by hand. Thermascreed can incorporate Damp Proofing even with build ups as thin as 3mm thick by using Epoxy Resin DPM's. These types of Screed systems are very fast to install, we can cover large areas per day, they leave the surface ready to receive all manner of floor coverings and they dry very quickly. They can be used as wearing surfaces in places such as warehouses and offices if required. They are so hard they can even be polished!

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