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Liquid Flowing Screed, Cemfloor, Anhydrite, Cementitious

Anhydrite/Gyvlon or the new Cementitious Liquid/Flowing Screeds like Cemfloor or Belitex can be installed 10-20 times faster than conventional screed. Normally accessible to foot traffic within 24. There is a minimal need for movement joints. Soundness to category A according to BS 8204: Part 1 (BRE Screed Test). A class SR2 surface regularity (5mm in 2m length) when installed.

Sand Cement Screed, Quick Drying, Rapid set, Fibre,

Sand Cement Fibre reinforced Screeds are ideal for use in hospitals, offices and industry. Installed by the correct Contractor they can offer excellent solutions with drying times and programme. At Thermascreed we can offer a tailored solution to meet your requirements. we work with all major manufacturers allowing us to offer screeds ready for flooring in as little as 4 hours!  

Underfloor Heating, UFH, Low profile UFH, Water UFH,

Our Underfloor Heating Systems integrate seamlessly in to the structure of your floor and can be installed beneath a wide range of floor finishes including tiles stone, carpet, laminate and real wood flooring. This eliminates the need for traditional radiators, enabling maximum usage of available wall and floor space and complete interior design freedom.

Limecrete Screed, Lightweight screed, Foamed Glass Insulation,

Limecrete Screeds are a Specialist Screed used in Heritage or Listed Buildings. The standard construction for the floor build up would be a Geotextile membrane, followed by a recycled Foam Glass insulation which has been well compacted. The end user would then have the option to have Underfloor Heating fitted followed by the Limecrete Screed. This system is specifically designed to allow the floor to breathe as it always would have. 

Levelling Compounds or Latex Screed can be used in cases where a floor only needs a very thin skim to bring it back to a level, smooth surface ready to receive flooring. The majority of these products allow a very quick turnaround with very little disruption to the working or surrounding areas. Depending on the size of the area in question and the depth required, these products can be pumped in or mixed and laid by hand.

Surveying, Floor Levels, Damp Floor, Floor Preparation, Insulation

At Thermascreed we are fully equipped to thoroughly test substrates for Moisture Content, Surface Regulation and Level. We can undertake the BRE Screed test or more commonly known "Drop Hammer" to determine whether your the Screed you have is fit for purpose. Thermascreed can carry out all floor preparation from Grinding existing slabs to Liquid Damp Proof Membranes and Insulation.



We are a team of professional Floor Screeders and Underfloor Heating Installers who can work to tight deadlines on your chosen Floor Screed and Underfloor Heating package without compromising the quality of the end result.

Our objective is to provide top quality results alongside excellent customer service, no matter how big or small the project. 

At Thermascreed we aim to provide our customers with the correct guidance for their particular situation, allowing them to make an educated decision on their chosen system.

We hold Certification with every major manufacturer that supplies Free Flowing Liquid Screeds, Self Compacting Concrete and Pre-mixed Screed products.

Thermascreed will work with every client in order to get them the package they want and always within the time frame agreed.

We only work with the very best suppliers so that we know every floor screed we fit is of utmost superiority.

Underfloor Heating







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